David & Sandra Dalziel visit Atherton for the first time and are helped to find Carmel Bank, the former Dalziel Home. It still exists, located very near to where it was originally.

I thought it no longer existed. Thanks Duncan and Dale who live there now.


In 2011 Memories of Mt Garnet. Celebrating 100yrs. See the Memorial Booklet HERE.


A letter in honour of Harry Dalziel V.C. was written by Reinhard Mayer in this year. This letter expresses great gratitude to Harry.
He was instrumental, because of his standing as a V.C. winner, in gaining release for Reinhard’s mother from internment in Victoria. She came back to her children on the Darling Downs. The letter In Honour of Harry Dalziel (A Personal Tribute) can be read on the Written Records Page HERE.


Harry was much, much more than an amazing war hero.

More than anything, he was a lovely man.

He was in hospital for long periods because of wounds.

Other roles he had was a father, husband, painter, songwriter and poetry writer.


The Hall of Valour at the Australian War Memorial was Opened in February 2011. The Australian War Memorial – Hall of Valour – Brochure from this opening can be seen on the Visual Memorabilia Page. Note the colour of the brochure is crimson. Also, the definition of ‘valour’ is on both sides. The brochure features the names of the Australian V.C.s at the time.


Harry Dalziel V.C.’s Medals were installed at the Hall of Valour, Australian War Memorial, along with 65 other V.C.s. There are now several more housed in Canberra.


See photos of Harry Dalziel V.C.’s son, David, with his wife Sandra, son Nick and daughter Lisa, with Mark Donaldson V.C. and Governor General Quentin Bryce at the Australian War Memorial – Hall of Valour – Opening.


His Medals are:

(See the medals on this Page)


Victoria Cross

14/15 star.

British War Medal.

Victory Medal.

Australian War Medal 1939/45 (not in the photo indicated, but are in the AWM)

Australian Service Medal (not in the photo indicated, but are in the AWM)

King George VI Coronation Medal

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal


Also relevant to this year is the “Memories of Mount Garnet 1911-2011” celebration, celebrating 100 years, Mining, Mateship & Mirth.

See Memories of Mount Garnet 1911-20.