Harry at Mt Garnet School in Grade 2 only for the early part of the year . Brother James in Grade 3.

Principal was Frederick William Martin.

Records show that the family address was Garnet Street when James and Harry were at the school.


See Memories of Mount Garnet 1911-20.

Among other things this memorial booklet contains a map of the Mount Garnet district showing the proximity of places where James Dalziel was prospecting.


The map shows places like California Creek, Smith Creek, Garrumbah, Orient Camp, Ragged Camp, Herberton, Atherton, Nymbool, Denford, Emuford, Great Boulder, Irvinebank, Mount Garnet and Reid’s Creek.


James Dalziel was on his way to discovering the Great Boulder from Mount Garnet perhaps via Smith Creek, Nymbool, California Creek, Garrumbah. There was a block of land in Garrumbah, now deserted, with James Dalziel’s name on it.


The book “Angor to Zillmanton. Stories of North Queensland’s Deserted Towns”, by Dr Colin Hooper is on the Resources>Books Page HERE. A very interesting book, featuring Harry’s story.