Sister Doris Kathleen Dalziel born Atherton 17th May. d.1948

Harry 12.


Family moved to Atherton about 1905


From an article about Great Boulder, from Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) 25 November 1905, page 5:




“In conversation with the prospector (Mr J Dalziel) who hails from Ballarat, explained to me that a huge boulder weighing over a ton which he came across in the creek (Reid’s Creek) coursing at the foot of the mountain (what was to be the Mine itself) first excited his curiosity. He “napped“ this and found it contained 4 percent Tin.


He and his son (Harry) then traced it to its source, there being but one direction from which it could fall”.


The Mine was discovered in 1903.


James Dalziel sold the mine for 4500 English pounds.


Atherton State High School is definitely on Carmel Bank Farmland. Duncan Ray is the authority. Amazing!


Harry attended Atherton State School.

School Admissions Registers are missing before 1920.

One or two Dalziels should be on an Admissions Register that does exist. We are currently researching this.


Electoral roll of 1905 lists James & Eliza Maggie Dalziel living at California Creek Qld, near location of Great Boulder Tin Mine.


The California Creek area includes the town of Garrumbah.