Sister Helen Sarah Dalziel born 31 July California Creek, Queensland also not far from Great Boulder, which was discovered this year. Helen died in 2002. Harry 10 in 1903.

Schooling at Mt Garnet was cut short as prospecting took precedence.


Harry, at ten years of age, with his father, discovered the Great Boulder Tin Mine.

A very interesting story about a Great Boulder.

A Boulder was discovered in a creek bed and was easily traced to where it came from.

On testing, the Boulder was found to contain very rich Tin Ore.

See the original story in the Trove Article Dalziel Tinfield.

Look for 1905.


First called The Great Boulder Mine.

Dalziel Tin Mine Ltd was a super rich Tin Mine and remained in production until the mid 20 th Century.

Early shares sold for 25/- (shillings).

James Dalziel found his wealth in Tin.

He made his “rise” when he was probably desperately broke.

He was able to buy the farm called Carmel Bank in Atherton from the proceeds.
On the Photographs Page, see the images of Carmel Bank as it still looks today. The Photos are entitled Carmel Bank, Atherton – one time Dalziel Family Home.

Strangely though, it was gold he was after in the first place, but tin made him wealthy.


I can see Harry as a little boy following his father around.


James & Eliza Maggie Dalziel are on the electoral roll of 1903, living at Smith’s Creek, Qld, not far from the Great Boulder Tin Mine.


The Electoral Roll of 1903 shows Smith’s Ck, Herbert, Qld as the residence of James & Eliza Maggie Dalziel.

1905 – California Ck – James & Eliza only, on Electoral Roll

1908 – Atherton – as above

The 1925 Electoral Roll shows the following:

Atherton – mother, Eliza Maggie (home duties)

Atherton – father, James

Zenith, Atherton – Harry (farmer)

Zenith, Atherton – Ida

The 1930 Electoral Roll shows the same entries as the 1925 Roll.