Busy year.


1. March on Anzac Day in Brisbane.


2. June to England. See the photo Harry Dalziel V.C. off to London , on the Photographs Page . He is with Elsie at Oxley. Elsie stayed home with the kids. Harry was wearing a Fedora , his overcoat and Gladstone Bag by his side, ready for weeks at sea bound for London to visit the Queen.

Prime Minister Menzies and Thirty-four Australian V.C.s, plus Harry, travelled to London in 1956. See the photo of some of V.C.s in London on that visit. Some wives also attended and also possibly the mother of V.C. John French of Crows Nest near Toowoomba Qld.The Centenary of the Victoria Cross, London , on the Photographs Page


3. WARRAWEE September 23. See the photo Opening of Camp Warrawee by Dr R. C. Halse, on the Photographs Page