Princess Elizabeth sent the Victoria Cross back with a handwritten letter beautifully explaining her reasons for not accepting the Medal. It was written on gold embossed Buckingham Palace Stationery. A lovely letter.

Read HERE Princess Elizabeth’s response to Harry’s gift!


Harry was highly impressed by the Monarchy.

He gave his V.C. to Princess Elizabeth, the granddaughter of King George V.

He did this 30 years after 1918.

It was said that he would give you the ‘shirt off his back’.

He just gave his V.C. away. He was like that.

Incidentally one of his songs was titled ENGLAND

Dad was very impressed when he was presented with his medal at Buckingham Palace. Four years ago he lived in a country town called Atherton.


Dad said about the time of his gift to Princess Elizabeth,”The V.C. as metal was only worth 10 bob (shillings) but the intrinsic value was something much more.”