26 June 1857: Queen Victoria presented the first V.C.s in Hyde Park London. Go to
VC and GC Association website for image of Hyde Park Event.


Legend has it that the Queen stuck one soldier through the flesh when she pinned his Medal. He did not flinch.


Queen Victoria presented 62 V.C.s in 10 mins while on horseback.


V.C.s are made by Hancocks, Jewellers, London.

Queen Victoria wanted a simple design and not flowery as previous awards were.


See an image of a V.C.on the Newspaper Articles Page under the Working Class Hero article.


It is worth looking at Hancocks’ website. It contains loads of information about V.C.s. Visit

Hancocks opened for business in 1849 and is still in business today.
Their task in 1856 was to make 62 Medals before June 1857, and all subsequent V.C. Medals.


V.C.s were made from Crimean War captured cannon.
Made of bronze, a Maltese Cross shape, FOR VALOUR imprinted boldly acrorss the medal with a Crimson Ribbon, signifying power, love, royalty.


Engraved on the reverse of the suspension bar is the name, rank, serial number and regiment of the soldier. Harry’s said “Harry Dalziel, Driver, 1936, 15th Battalion A.I.F.”.

On the reverse of the Medal the date of the award is engraved. Harry’s says 4th July, 1918.