Victoria Cross Was Established

The Victoria Cross was created this year and awards were backdated to 1854 to include the 62 recipients from the Crimean War.   The official order to create a new military honour came on 29 January 1856 when Queen Victoria issued a Warrant under the Royal sign-manual.

Queen Victoria & First VCs in Hyde Park London

26 June 1857: Queen Victoria presented the first V.C.s in Hyde Park London. Go to VC and GC Association website for image of Hyde Park Event.   Legend has it that the Queen stuck one soldier through the flesh when she pinned his Medal. He did not flinch.   Queen Victoria presented 62 V.C.s in 10 mins while on horseback.   V.C.s are made by Hancocks, Jewellers, London. Queen Victoria wanted a simple design and not flowery as previous awards were.   See an image of a V.C.on the Newspaper Articles Page under the Working Class Hero article.   It is worth looking at Hancocks’ website. It contains loads of information about V.C.s. Visit www.hancocks-london.com Hancocks opened for business in 1849 and is still in business today. Their task in 1856 was to make 62 Medals before June 1857, and all subsequent V.C. Medals.   V.C.s were made from Crimean War captured cannon. Made of bronze, a Maltese Cross shape, FOR VALOUR imprinted boldly acrorss the medal with a Crimson Ribbon, signifying power, love, royalty.   Engraved on the reverse of the suspension bar is the name, rank, serial number and regiment of the soldier. Harry’s said “Harry Dalziel, Driver, 1936, 15th Battalion A.I.F.”. On the reverse of the Medal the date of the award is engraved. Harry’s says 4th July, 1918.

Harry’s Parents’ Marriage

Harry’s parents, James Dalziel & Eliza Maggie McMillan married in August at Northgate, an old suburb north of Townsville, now known as Garbut.

Harry’s Sister, Emma & the Dalziel’s Early Family Life

Harry’s sister, Emma Muriel Dalziel born Herberton Qld on 6th June. d.1960.   Three babies were born by early 1893 to the Dalziels. The family then moved to Victoria where another baby was born in 1894. That makes four children aged 4, 3 and 1, and a newborn. This would have been typical of mining families in those days, moving a lot with young families.   The Dalziels moved from North Queensland where three children were born, to Victoria where three more were born, to Western Australia, one more was born, and back to Atherton Tableland (where four more were born). There were 11 children over a 20 year period. It can only be imagined how difficult it would have been for them, but life then was as it was, and people dealt with it.   How did they travel? Train, steamer, horse, horse & cart, Cobb & Co. In time older children might help with the younger ones. How did their mother, Eliza Maggie Dalziel, do it?   The moves around Australia made by the family were a retracing of the steps of father James Dalziel. He was born in Costerfield, Victoria, into a gold mining family. He mined in Western Australian gold fields too. Later he went back to these places with his family. Was it a little less arduous for mother and children because James had been there before?   They were a tough lot, the Dalziels. James Senior lived to 64 years of age. His life as a prospector-miner was nothing but hard work. A life like that took a toll on his health.   See a press article on James Dalziel from January 3 1931, from The Northern Herald (Cairns) in the Trove Pages   Eliza Maggie, Harry’s mother, perhaps had an even tougher life. She lived for 86 years.   Harry Dalziel V.C. lived till he was 72 years and 5 months of age. That’s 47 years after Hamel, where his injury would have killed him, you would think.   Harry’s Injuries He was injured multiple times, he had scars on his back, left leg, left arm. Shrapnel was never removed from his left arm. Then there was a GSW (gun shot wound) above his left temple, which left a gaping hole in his skull. That wound changed the way he lived the rest of his life.   Following is the record of the 11 children born to James and Eliza Maggie Dalziel. The children were-   Emma Muriel 1890 Herberton. Nth Qld James 1891 Orient Camp. Nth Qld Harry 1893 Ragged Camp. Nth Qld Eliza Maggie 1894 East Ballarat. Vic Mary Cecelia 1896 Steiglitz Vic Victor 1898 Steiglitz Vic Mabel Hartley 1900 Norseman. WA Helen Sarah 1903 California Creek. Nth Qld Doris Kathleen 1905 Atherton Nth Qld Jessie Gladys 1907 Atherton Nth Qld William McGregor 1910 Atherton Nth Qld   The children are placed in their respective years in the timeline following to show how the family moved about and what Harry’s early life was like.

Harry’s Brother James

Brother James Dalziel b. 6 th October Orient Camp, Irvinebank, Qld. d.1967

Birth of Harry

Harry born at Ragged Camp, Ragged Creek, Irvinebank, Qld on 18th February. See Harry’s birth certificate here.

Harry’s Sister Eliza Maggie

Sister Eliza Maggie Dalziel born Ballarat East, Victoria. Harry was a year old.

Harry’s Sister Mary Cecelia

Sister Mary Cecelia Dalziel b. Steiglitz , Victoria . May 15 . d. 1923. Harry 3.

Harry’s Brother Victor

Brother Victor Dalziel born Steiglitz, Victoria, July 10. Harry 5. Victor joined the A.I.F. on 8.6.18. See his photo on the Photographs page, near the bottom.

Harry’s sister Mabel Hartley

Sister Mabel Hartley Dalziel born Norseman WA. March 18. d.1970 Harry 7.   At this time in Norseman WA it was said that Harry, 7 years, was standing on his bed one evening singing at the top of his voice “A Soldier of the Queen “. The Queen was Queen Victoria.   Harry said “Mummy, when I grow I’m going to be a Soldier of the Queen “.   For more on this, see the article A Soldier of the Queen. That, I suggest, was the beginning of his life as a Career Soldier as he was, in a way. He was in uniform more or less until 1943.

Death of Queen Victoria

Death of Queen Victoria.   Reign of Edward VII till 1910.   Harry attended Mt Garnet State School in Grade 1 for the last part of year 1901. Brother James (Jock) was there too in Yr 2. Principal was Richard Gibbings. Mount Garnet is not far from the yet undiscovered Great Boulder Mine.   1 Jan 1901: Birth of The Commonwealth of Australia.

Harry at Mt Garnet School in Grade 2

Harry at Mt Garnet School in Grade 2 only for the early part of the year . Brother James in Grade 3. Principal was Frederick William Martin. Records show that the family address was Garnet Street when James and Harry were at the school.   See Memories of Mount Garnet 1911-20. Among other things this memorial booklet contains a map of the Mount Garnet district showing the proximity of places where James Dalziel was prospecting.   The map shows places like California Creek, Smith Creek, Garrumbah, Orient Camp, Ragged Camp, Herberton, Atherton, Nymbool, Denford, Emuford, Great Boulder, Irvinebank, Mount Garnet and Reid’s Creek.   James Dalziel was on his way to discovering the Great Boulder from Mount Garnet perhaps via Smith Creek, Nymbool, California Creek, Garrumbah. There was a block of land in Garrumbah, now deserted, with James Dalziel’s name on it.   The book “Angor to Zillmanton. Stories of North Queensland’s Deserted Towns”, by Dr Colin Hooper is on the Resources>Books Page HERE. A very interesting book, featuring Harry’s story.

Harry’s Sister Helen Sarah and the Great Boulder Mine

Sister Helen Sarah Dalziel born 31 July California Creek, Queensland also not far from Great Boulder, which was discovered this year. Helen died in 2002. Harry 10 in 1903. Schooling at Mt Garnet was cut short as prospecting took precedence.   Harry, at ten years of age, with his father, discovered the Great Boulder Tin Mine. A very interesting story about a Great Boulder. A Boulder was discovered in a creek bed and was easily traced to where it came from. On testing, the Boulder was found to contain very rich Tin Ore. See the original story in the Trove Article Dalziel Tinfield. Look for 1905.   First called The Great Boulder Mine. Dalziel Tin Mine Ltd was a super rich Tin Mine and remained in production until the mid 20 th Century. Early shares sold for 25/- (shillings). James Dalziel found his wealth in Tin. He made his “rise” when he was probably desperately broke. He was able to buy the farm called Carmel Bank in Atherton from the proceeds. On the Photographs Page, see the images of Carmel Bank as it still looks today. The Photos are entitled Carmel Bank, Atherton – one time Dalziel Family Home. Strangely though, it was gold he was after in the first place, but tin made him wealthy.   I can see Harry as a little boy following his father around.   James & Eliza Maggie Dalziel are on the electoral roll of 1903, living at Smith’s Creek, Qld, not far from the Great Boulder Tin Mine.   The Electoral Roll of 1903 shows Smith’s Ck, Herbert, Qld as the residence of James & Eliza Maggie Dalziel. 1905 – California Ck – James & Eliza only, on Electoral Roll 1908 – Atherton – as above The 1925 Electoral Roll shows the following: Atherton – mother, Eliza Maggie (home duties) Atherton – father, James Zenith, Atherton – Harry (farmer) Zenith, Atherton – Ida The 1930 Electoral Roll shows the same entries as the 1925 Roll.

Harry’s Sister Doris Kathleen

Sister Doris Kathleen Dalziel born Atherton 17th May. d.1948 Harry 12.   Family moved to Atherton about 1905   From an article about Great Boulder, from Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) 25 November 1905, page 5:   >A TRIP NORTH, by ONE of FOUR. Vol V.   “In conversation with the prospector (Mr J Dalziel) who hails from Ballarat, explained to me that a huge boulder weighing over a ton which he came across in the creek (Reid’s Creek) coursing at the foot of the mountain (what was to be the Mine itself) first excited his curiosity. He “napped“ this and found it contained 4 percent Tin.   He and his son (Harry) then traced it to its source, there being but one direction from which it could fall”.   The Mine was discovered in 1903.   James Dalziel sold the mine for 4500 English pounds.   Atherton State High School is definitely on Carmel Bank Farmland. Duncan Ray is the authority. Amazing!   Harry attended Atherton State School. School Admissions Registers are missing before 1920. One or two Dalziels should be on an Admissions Register that does exist. We are currently researching this.   Electoral roll of 1905 lists James & Eliza Maggie Dalziel living at California Creek Qld, near location of Great Boulder Tin Mine.   The California Creek area includes the town of Garrumbah.

Harry’s Sister Jessie Gladys

May 27 sister Jessie Gladys Dalziel born Atherton. Harry 14.

James Snr Lived in Atherton

James Snr lived in Atherton, and the Electoral Roll showed his occupation as a farmer at this stage.

Article About Farm Called Carmel Bank

See the story about Carmel Bank in the Trove Article Atherton Farms (Carmel Bank) . Look for 25 August 1909.   The Farm is 160 acres. Dairy Cattle (46 of best quality Illawarra) on 75 acres, 9 horses, pigs, and prize poultry. Grasses on 85 acres in 6 paddocks. Did Carmel Bank cost much out of £4,500? It is unknown how much was paid for the Farm.

Harry’s Brother William McGregor

Brother William McGregor Dalziel born Atherton 21 June. He would have been a student at Atherton State School. Harry 17.   George V comes to the Throne, 1910- 1936. A much loved Monarch. His wife was Mary.   Elizabeth, his granddaughter, was the one to whom Harry sent his V.C. Read

Cricket Team Photo

The Cricketers at Atherton. On the Photographs Page, see The Cricketers at Atherton photo.   Harry is in the back row, in white, with black belt.   Harry was an apprentice in the Railway, doing his training in Cairns.   He met a fellow named Bill R. in Cairns before the war. They met again at Hamel and (Bill R.) saw Harry take a shot in the head and called an Ambulance. Read more on this in the 1982 entry on this Timeline

Harry Enlisted

Harry enlisted on 16th January 1915, in Cairns. He was discharged 5th Jan 1919 in Brisbane. His Battalion was the 15th. On the Official Documents Page , see Harry’s Certificate of Discharge and Statement of Service.   The Colours of the 15th Battalion are brown over blue. See a sample on the Links to Visual Records Page.

Harry Dalziel’s War Service in Gallipoli and France

For the years 1915 through to 1918, Harry Willey explains Dad’s war service in Gallipoli and France. This account can be read HERE under the Written Records category.   Harry saw service in many battles in France even at one point while in hospital in England deciding to go back to his mates in battle, though he was injured enough to be sent home to Australia.

Harry Was Taken To Buckingham Palace To Be Invested With His Cross

Shortly after 3.10 am on the 4th of July, 1918 at Hamel, France, a young Lewis Gunner, a Queenslander from Atherton, won the 1000th V.C.   THIS IS THE EVENT THAT BROUGHT HIM RECOGNITION. NOT THAT HE SOUGHT TO BE RECOGNISED AS HE ALWAYS REMAINED HUMBLE ABOUT HIS ACHIEVEMENT.   1355 V.C.s have been awarded (different figures are recorded in different accounts), but only 1352 men are involved, because 3 were awarded V.C.s twice. A New Zealand soldier was one of these. A very good account of Harry’s life and times is covered in the piece by Harry Willey .   Read Harry’s own account written in 1942, titled “My V.C.”   It was normal when storming machine guns posts that the Germans would fire until the last minute inflicting as many casualties as possible.   They didn’t stop firing till they were stopped.   Generally, the Australians took no prisoners under such circumstances.   An item of the times is the 1918 King George V Australian penny. See a photo of a King George V Australian penny on the Visual Memorabilia Page   On Sunday 25 August 1918, the article “Never Mind the V.C.” appeared in the Sydney SUN. You can read the article on the “Newspaper Articles” Page.   Harry’s mother speaking: “Of course, I’m wonderfully proud of my ‘soldier boy’ as he always described himself in his letters but, NEVER MIND THE V.C., I just want my boy home safe and well”.   From Eacham Historical Society Bulletin 72 July 1982: Harry’s friend, Bill R., said he saw his mate hit, his helmet thrown to the edge of the trench with a hole big enough in the helmet to put a fist through. He called for the ambulance.   In the days & months after Harry received his head wound at Hamel (4th July 1918):   – By the 8th July, he was in Hospital in Rouen, France. Americans had taken over the Hospital. – Life saving surgery was performed by an American Doctor, Dr Warren R. Rainey from University Club Buildings Saint Louis M.O. (Missouri).   – See doctors note saying “operation successful”.   – From France September 19th to England to the 4th London General Hospital, Denmark Hill, London which catered for both military and civilian patients. – Taken to Buckingham Palace by car 13th December 1918 – Left England on 5th January 1919 for Australia. See photo of Harry Dalziel V.C. and Sister Elizabeth Mosey after both being invested with their Awards at Buckingham Palace.  Elizabeth Mosey was awarded the Royal Red Cross 2nd Class Medal also by Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria in 1883.  Florence Nightingale was the first recipient. The image of George V appears on the Medal.  This is awarded for exceptional service in military nursing.    Could it be Christmas decorations on the tree to right in the photo where the two were standing in front of the London hospital where I believe Harry was a patient.   On the Trove Items Page, see the 19th December 1918 article about Dalziel VC. Articles provided by Mrs James Dalziel of Wolfram. Private HENRY DALZIEL, V.C. in The Northern Herald (Cairns, Qld. : 1913 – 1939), 19 Dec 1918   Also on the Trove Items Page, dated 23 November 1918, is the article “Come on Lads, We’ve Got ‘em Guessing”. A thrice won VC.   What would it take to do what Harry did on that early morning of 4th July? It would take great strength and athletic ability, courage and endurance, under very heavy artillery, machine gun and sniper fire. He ran, crawled, stumbled, fell into shell holes for possibly a kilometre or more during this part of the action. Imagine the deafening, continuing noise. Harry said he was wounded 32 times during the war.   The Australian Imperial Force, the A.I.F. , was an entirely volunteer army and refused to vote for conscription.   Harry was designated Driver because at one stage before his Lewis Gun action he had a job of driving a horse drawn vehicle which moved ammunition from parachute drops to the troops. At the bottom of the World War I Page is a video showing a Lewis Gun being fired.   See art work Capture of Hamel Village where you see tanks and planes involved in the action. Capture of Hamel village 4 July 1918 by A.Pearse, War Artist   Finally a sniper bullet. He said he got a “wallop in the top story”. See the Citation on the Home Page.   Harry lived for 47 years after the war even with a terrible head injury, a significant piece of skull was missing. He was classified as Totally and Permanently Incapacitated but he found ways to live life differently. When he marched on Anzac Day or went for a family walk he walked briskly.   Perhaps John Monash’s words say it all.   John Monash to his wife, from Gallipoli:   “I am convinced that there no troops in the world to equal the Australians for cool daring, courage and endurance.”   The Cricketer, Keith Miller, the highly gifted Aussie all rounder and Flight Lieutenant who flew Mosquitoes over Germany in WW2 said to Michael Parkinson. “There is no pressure in Test Cricket”, “Real pressure is when you’re flying a Mosquito with a Messerschmitt up your arse”. Irreverent of course. For cricket fans there’s a great article,“Miller the swashbuckling flight lieutenant”. Find this on the Links to Visual Records Page, at the bottom.   Jeff Horn is an example of a quiet boy who was bullied during his school years, took up boxing, rising to the top to win a world title. Find this on the Links to Visual Records Page, at the bottom.   Including Keith Miller and Jeff Horn in this tribute is a little off topic. Nonetheless their stories are interesting and there is something to take away from each story.   Harry was a happy, healthy, well liked young man. He rose

Back Home at Carmel Bank, Atherton

See the photo in WWI uniform back home at Atherton Harry Dalziel V.C. at Carmel Bank, Atherton   On the Official Documents Page , see Harry’s Certificate of Discharge and Statement of Service.   See the story in the Trove Article ATHERTON NOTES.Look for 8 May 1919.   James Snr not living in Atherton, only Eliza Maggie and James Jnr.   Harry’s journey back home from Townsville to Atherton. The Tablelands Advertiser, on Wednesday, April 25, 1979, talks of his homecoming in 1919. See ANZAC Day Memory of Our Local V.C. on the Newspaper Articles Page. In that a reference to family then farming the area now known as ‘High School Hill’.   Arrived at Townsville on way home about May 3rd 1919 to a large reception. (Brisbane to Townsville by Steamer) Sydney to Brisbane by train.   Dalziel left Townsville by the Steamer Kuranda for Cairns. On the Links to Visual Records Page see the Steamer Kuranda, near the bottom. On arrival at Cairns, Harry was met by his mother and the Mayor of Cairns. Various receptions were held in Cairns, including a welcome at Cairns Railway Yards, where Harry worked prior to enlisting in 1915 in Cairns. From Cairns to Atherton in a flower bedecked train. Mareeba, a hero’s welcome. There was a welcome at Tolga where many school children were waiting. A long account of welcome at Atherton, and many functions. The Newspaper Article ANZAC Day Memory of Our Local V.C. describes this all in detail.   Australian diggers came home to Australia on the Hospital Ship, Kanowna. LINK TO RELEVANT ARTICLE : 18th March 1919, Courier Mail Queenslanders travelled by train from Sydney via Wallangarra, Harrisville, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Brisbane, then Steamer to Townsville, Steamer to Cairns, then train to Mareeba,Tolga then Atherton.

Harry Married Ida Maud Ramsay

Harry married Ida Maud Ramsay in Brisbane on 8 August 1920. Congregational Church, Fortitude Valley Brisbane. Ida born 23 December 1890 d 1986 14 Jan. Ida worked Zenith near Tolga Railway for years after Harry left and lived in Atherton until her death. She lived for 96 years. Their Wedding photo appears in Grantlee Keiza’s article “Our Working Class Hero” on the Newspaper Articles Page .   James Dalziel Jnr sold a high class Dairy Herd by auction at farm Carmel Bank 27 January 1920. See the article titled Superior Dairy Herd on the Trove Items Page

Anzac Day Monash Dinner

Anzac Day Monash Dinner. See the Invitation HERE

VC Winners Took Part in Anzac Day March in Melbourne

A number of V.C. winners took part in the Anzac Day march in Melbourne. See the photo from the Australian War Memorial, titled Links to Visual Records Page.   See a photograph of Harry swimming in the Creek in Atherton. This is said to be in the Creek below the present primary school. Harry in the water, Helen and Bill, his sister and brother, on the bank. See At the Swimming Hole, Atherton on the Photographs Page

Harry is Unable to Work Physically

Ida pleads for financial assistance at Zenith farm. Harry is unable to do the work. He eventually has to leave – to Sydney for work   Since 1918, Harry had been unable to work at anything too physical. This explains why he had no success at factory work in Sydney.   He could not (at home in Oxley) do much work around the house.   He had a go at some indoor painting once. He had a go at building a concrete path to the front steps.   The population on The Atherton Tableland at the beginning of 20th Century was probably only 4,000 or 5,000. Australia ‘s population was about 5 million during WWI.   James Snr had a very physical life. He was a miner. He was a pioneer, who was 64 when he died in 1930. Harry was a chip off the old block.   Harry got on with what he enjoyed after the war. He enjoyed pottery, drawing, “Find the Ball” in the Courier Mail, walking, meeting his mates on Anzac Day and at other times, being invited to special events. He was classified as Totally and Permanently Incapacitated.

The Battle of Hamel, Handwritten by Harry Dalziel V.C.

Harry handwrote 8 pages about the Battle of Hamel. July 1929 Harry had a serious horse riding accident -not good for his head. See the article “Horse Striking a Post” on the Trove Items Page

Death of Harry’s Father James

Death of Harry’s father James. See the article “James Dalziel” on the Trove Items Page   Harry leaves Atherton about now. Harry is still on the Atherton Electoral Roll.

James Dalziel Buried Rockley Rd Cemetery, Atherton

James Dalziel buried Rockley Rd Cemetery, Atherton. Plot 24.   See the article “James Dalziel” on the Trove Items Page

Houses of Parliament, Queensland Guard of Honour

Houses of Parliament, Queensland Guard of Honour. Harry was the first V.C. to do this. Harry certainly got around. See the photo “The Opening of Brisbane Parliament House” on the Photographs Page.   Harry joined the Citizen Military Forces (CMF) as Sergeant. See the photo titled Harry Dalziel V.C. circa 1933 on the Photographs Page. Harry settled in Brisbane about 1933.

Card From Edgar Towner VC

Harry received Christmas cards from Edgar Towner V.C. and Frank Partridge, a WWII V.C.. View the cards here: Christmas Greetings from Frank Partridge   Christmas Greetings from E.T. Towner

VC Songs Broadcast From London

One of Harry’s songs was broadcast from London on the radio in January. The story was featured in the Brisbane Telegraph, on the Front Page. On the Trove Items Page is the article titled: V.C. Songwriter. It includes Harry’s photo. ‘An Old Sundowner’ is the song. See the Sheet Music to An Old Sundowner   In February 1935, Harry lived at Railway Terrace, Milton, Queensland. His landord was a Mr Napier.

Song of the Tableland Copyright in 1936

Death of George V Funeral with millions of mourners . Edward 8 1936-1936. George VI 1936 till 1952. Wife was Queen Elizabeth. Dad given a Coronation Medal to Commemorate this occasion.   “Song of the Tableland” copyright in 1936. Other songs too. See the Sheet Music to “Song of the Tableland”. In this song and in his poem ‘A Golden Memory ‘ (See 1939) there is a deep sense of emotion about something lost in his life. Very moving.

Mrs Dalziel Running Zenith Alone Article

Mrs Ida Dalziel is running Zenith alone. See the January article on WHITE GRUB INFESTATION Here

22 VC Winners from WWI in Sydney

See the photos of 22 Victoria Cross Winners on the Photographs Page   22 Australian V.C. winners from WWI and some from the Boer War, in Sydney. One of these photos is on Anzac Day, the other is on the 23rd April, in suits. Harry is in the front row on left in C.M.F. Uniform and 5th from right in “Civies”.

Harry Enlisted for WWII

Harry enlisted for WWII on the 14th June. He was discharged in Dec 1943. On January 5th 1939, copyright was applied for for the following poem, by Harry Dalziel:   ‘Only a Golden Memory’   1. Only a Golden Memory One gem in my heart I keep For the loved ones I remember Are asleep, are asleep   REFRAIN Only a golden memory The harp and the old violin The song we sang, Till the rafters rang When the days were drawing in And the glow of the pine log burning Lighting the winter gloom Only a golden memory But a mem’ry of Home Sweet Home   2. Only a golden memory The years pass, I dwell alone For my childhood friends are sleeping ‘Neath the stone, ‘neath the stone

Copyright Granted On Poem

Copyright is granted on Harry’s poem, “Only A Golden Memory” on 27 June. Harry lived at 262 St. Paul’s Terrace, VALLEY, Brisbane, Qld.

Harry Meets Rear Admiral Newton in Brisbane in March

In March 1941, US Pacific Squadron of 7 ships led by Rear Admiral John H Newton of the Cruiser CHICAGO docks in Brisbane. This was a goodwill visit, as the US was not yet involved in WWII. Newton meets Harry when he was informed that Harry’s V.C. was awarded for action on 4th July. Some 250,000 lined the streets of Brisbane to watch the march of US sailors, marines & Aussie servicemen. See the Photo where Harry meets Newton

Harry’s Son David Born

Harry’s son, David, is born. See this photo of Harry with Wife Elsie and Son, David on the Photographs Page

Statement Of Service Noted Marks Or Scars

Statement of service noted marks or scars. GSW ( gun shot wound) skull, scars back ,left leg ,left arm.

Harry’s Daughter Ann

Harry’s daughter Ann born

Harry’s Son Frank

Harry’s son Frank born .Family lived at Oxley 13th April 1946.   New family moved into Carmel Bank. Was that when Harry’s mum left the farm?

Harry & Elsie & 3 kids at Oxley, Brisbane

On the Photographs Page, see the photo At Home in Oxley of Harry & Elsie & 3 kids at Oxley, Brisbane. Baby Frank and Ann and David. We lived in a War Service house opposite the Oxley Railway Station, in Brisbane

Harry Sent VC to Princess Elizabeth

Harry sent VC to Princess Elizabeth for her as yet unborn child

Princess Elizabeth Sent VC Back

Princess Elizabeth sent the Victoria Cross back with a handwritten letter beautifully explaining her reasons for not accepting the Medal. It was written on gold embossed Buckingham Palace Stationery. A lovely letter. Read

Harry’s Mother Visits Oxley

Eliza Maggie, Harry’s mother, visits us at Oxley. She ate Granose, a Weetbix-like cereal, for breakfast. (One of David’s memories!)

Death of Harry’s Mother Eliza Maggie

Elizabeth II Coronation. Harry was given a Coronation Medal to Commemorate this Occasion. Death of Harry’s mother Eliza Maggie. She and Harry were really close.   The Funeral Notice said: The private funeral of Eliza Maggie Dalziel, late of Carmel Bank, Atherton, will leave the Funeral Chapel, Peel St East Brisbane at 10 am (Saturday) for Mt Thomson Crematorium.   When did the family leave Carmel Bank? It is thought to be around 1946.

Harry Marching in Brisbane on Anzac Day

Harry marching in Brisbane on Anzac Day. Something he did regularly, leading the 15th battalion, twirling 15th Battalion banner at his kids along the way. See this photo on the Photographs Page

March on Anzac Day

Busy year.   1. March on Anzac Day in Brisbane.   2. June to England. See the photo Harry Dalziel V.C. off to London , on the Photographs Page . He is with Elsie at Oxley. Elsie stayed home with the kids. Harry was wearing a Fedora , his overcoat and Gladstone Bag by his side, ready for weeks at sea bound for London to visit the Queen. Prime Minister Menzies and Thirty-four Australian V.C.s, plus Harry, travelled to London in 1956. See the photo of some of V.C.s in London on that visit. Some wives also attended and also possibly the mother of V.C. John French of Crows Nest near Toowoomba Qld.The Centenary of the Victoria Cross, London , on the Photographs Page   3. WARRAWEE September 23. See the photo Opening of Camp Warrawee by Dr R. C. Halse, on the Photographs Page  

Harry Meets Lord De L’Isle at Garden Party

Harry meets Lord de L’Isle at Garden Party at Parliament House in Brisbane to welcome the next Governor General. The head wound is above the left temple where it is mostly covered by hair. See the photograph Harry meets Lord de L’Isle in Brisbane, on the Photographs Page.

Card Frank Partridge V.C.

Don’t know when Card from Frank Partridge V.C. arrived. See images of the card Christmas Greetings from Frank Partridge on the Correspondence Page.

Prince Charles Meets Elsie

The year when Prince Charles met Elsie Dalziel is unknown. See the photograph Prince Charles meets Elsie Dalziel on the Photographs Page.

Harry Died in Greenslopes Hospital

Harry died in Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital on 24 th July. He bent down to switch off the television and that did it.   Street Sign fell at Dad’s death 24 th July 1965. See the Photograph Last Post for hero, and sign post fell on the Newspaper Articles Page   See the Article Final Honour on the Newspaper Articles Page Captioned ‘Final honour’ it reads; in brief summary   A Military Funeral with full honours.   Funeral at St.John’s Cathedral Flag draped coffin on gun carriage Soldiers and civilians paid a final tribute to Mr Dalziel The procession led by three army motor cyclists, an officer and twenty men, and a firing party moved from the city to Mt. Thompson Cremation. Insignia bearer Sergeant E.A. Taylor carried the Victoria Cross on a red velvet cushion behind the gun carriage. The procession passed the Shrine of Remembrance and turned into Edward and Turbot Streets. Flags were flown half mast on the G.P.O. yesterday in tribute to Mr Dalziel.   Good information on his War service will be found in the account written by Harry Willey on the Tributes to Harry Dalziel VC Page. Harry Willey takes information directly from army records.   A memorial to Harry Dalziel V.C. is at Mt Thompson Crematorium, Wall 12, Section 16, No 1061.

A Soldier Of The Queen By Helen Burt Née Dalziel

See the written piece A Soldier of the Queen by Helen Burt née Dalziel (Carmel Bank), HERE.

Article in Tableland Advertiser April 1979

See the Article ANZAC Day Memory of Our Local V.C. in the Tableland Advertiser April 1979 on how Driver Dalziel V.C. was welcomed home from the War in Townsville and then by Steamer Kuranda to Cairns, where he was met by his Mother. A flower bedecked Train to Atherton for reception and town turns out.   Refer back to 1919 for more about Dad’s return from Sydney to Brisbane to Townsville to Atherton.

Elsie Dalziel Received a Christmas Card From The Victoria Cross and George Cross Association

Elsie Dalziel received a Christmas Card from the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association (http://vcgca.org) in London as she usually did. See the card HERE, showing the personal message and a portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II who is patron of the association.

Eacham Historical Article Henry Dalziel VC

See the Organisation Publications Page   From the article:   Bill R, a friend Harry met in Cairns before the war and again at Hamel, says “The shelling was murderous and Harry caught a piece on his head. I (Bill R) ran to him and saw he was in a mortal way and called for an ambulance bearer. Dalziel’s helmet was thrown onto the rim of a trench with a hole in it a man could put his fist into. A plate was inserted into Dalziel’s head but he was in and out of hospital the rest of his life.”   Dad didn’t continue to use the plate. It caused problems, probably more headaches. He had an open wound. His brain was visible under layers of skin.   There are other versions of what happened when he was shot in the head. Bill’s account makes sense.

Historic House For Removal

In October Carmel Bank was sold for removal. See the Article Historic house to be sold for removal on the Newspaper Articles Page. That’s Carmel Bank in its original location, which was at what is now the corner of 3rd and 6th Avenue, Atherton. The house was moved to 29 Fifth Ave, Atherton.

Ninety-Three Minutes in the History of the World

The speech “Ninety-Three Minutes in the History of the World” was given at the opening of the Hamel memorial in France by The Hon. Bruce Scott MP. In part of that speech he mentions Thomas (Jack) Axford V.C. from Koolgardie and Harry Dalziel V.C. from Atherton. On Page 162 of John Laffin’s book “The Battle of Hamel. Australia’s Finest Victory”, there is a Lewis Gun at bottom of the photo on the Cover. See the Cover of this book on the Resources>Books Page. For information on the Australian Corps Memorial- Le Hamel, CLICK HERE or refer to Links to Visual Records

Death of Elsie Dalziel

Death of Elsie Dalziel in September, in Toowoomba. She grew up on the Darling Downs. Loved by all. Outlived Harry by many years.

Death of Helen Burt (Dalziel)

Death of Helen Burt (Dalziel). She died just a few weeks short of 98 years. Helen was the last surviving child of James and Eliza Dalziel. She was very proud of her brother. She passed away on the famous family date, 4th July. The 4th July was deliberately chosen by Monash for the commencement of le Hamel because General Pershing and his Yanks were there. Helen Burt was a source of much information and wrote the article included here called “A Soldier of the Queen”. She called herself Carmel Bank.

Henry Dalziel VC Dialysis Unit at Greenslopes Hospital

The Henry Dalziel VC Dialysis Unit at Greenslopes Hospital, was opened on campus by Baxter Healthcare and Hon. Dana Vale MP, Minister for Veteran Affairs, on 28 August 2003. Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital was where Harry passed away on 24th July 1965, in an old, one storey wooden building which has been preserved.

The Harry Dalziel VC Centre

On the 15th October was the Opening and Dedication of The Harry Dalziel VC Centre at Corinda, the home of Sherwood/Indooroopilly RSL, by Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, Governor of Queensland.   See the event program HERE

Medals Sent To Australian War Memorial

In December, Harry Dalziel V.C.’s Medals were sent to the Australian War Memorial (https://www.awm.gov.au). See the medals HERE as they were before their arrival in Canberra.

Hall of Valour Opening

David & Sandra Dalziel visit Atherton for the first time and are helped to find Carmel Bank, the former Dalziel Home. It still exists, located very near to where it was originally. I thought it no longer existed. Thanks Duncan and Dale who live there now.   In 2011 Memories of Mt Garnet. Celebrating 100yrs. See the Memorial Booklet HERE.   A letter in honour of Harry Dalziel V.C. was written by Reinhard Mayer in this year. This letter expresses great gratitude to Harry. He was instrumental, because of his standing as a V.C. winner, in gaining release for Reinhard’s mother from internment in Victoria. She came back to her children on the Darling Downs. The letter In Honour of Harry Dalziel (A Personal Tribute) can be read on the Written Records Page HERE.   Harry was much, much more than an amazing war hero. More than anything, he was a lovely man. He was in hospital for long periods because of wounds. Other roles he had was a father, husband, painter, songwriter and poetry writer.   The Hall of Valour at the Australian War Memorial was Opened in February 2011. The Australian War Memorial – Hall of Valour – Brochure from this opening can be seen on the Visual Memorabilia Page. Note the colour of the brochure is crimson. Also, the definition of ‘valour’ is on both sides. The brochure features the names of the Australian V.C.s at the time.   Harry Dalziel V.C.’s Medals were installed at the Hall of Valour, Australian War Memorial, along with 65 other V.C.s. There are now several more housed in Canberra.   See photos of Harry Dalziel V.C.’s son, David, with his wife Sandra, son Nick and daughter Lisa, with Mark Donaldson V.C. and Governor General Quentin Bryce at the Australian War Memorial – Hall of Valour – Opening.   His Medals are: (See the medals on this Page)   Victoria Cross 14/15 star. British War Medal. Victory Medal. Australian War Medal 1939/45 (not in the photo indicated, but are in the AWM) Australian Service Medal (not in the photo indicated, but are in the AWM) King George VI Coronation Medal Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal   Also relevant to this year is the “Memories of Mount Garnet 1911-2011” celebration, celebrating 100 years, Mining, Mateship & Mirth. See Memories of Mount Garnet 1911-20.

Harry’s Son Frank & Family Visit Australian War Memorial

Harry’s son Frank & family visit the Hall of Valour at the Australian War Memorial, 4th July 2016. Images of Harry Dalziel’s son, Frank, and his family entitled Dalziel family visit Harry Dalziel’s VC in AWM’s Hall Of Valour, can be seen on the Links to Visual Records Page. In these photos, the family are with the display of Harry’s V.C. in the Hall of Valour. Frank is holding the actual Victoria Cross. I liked the old worn versions the medals but there was no way the Australian War Memorial could leave them that way.   Also on July 4th 2016, Dalziel Lodge at Camp Warrawee was dedicated. See the Program from that day. Also, a family photo of his children David and Ann, grandchildren and great grandchildren are shown on the same Page.   “Our Working Class Hero ” on this Page, written by Grantlee Kieza appeared in the Q Weekend (July 23-24, 2016) in Courier Mail. It is a very good and complete article on Harry Dalziel. Excellent photos are included.

Sherwood-Indooroopilly RSL Sub-Branch Tribute

Be sure to visit the Harry Dalziel V.C. section of the Sherwood RSL website at http://www.sherwdipillyrsl.org.au/Pages/Dalziel.html to see the wonderful tribute they have prepared.

Anniversary of 100 years since Hamel

This year marks the Anniversary of 100 years since the Battle of Hamel. To this date 100 Australians have been awarded the Victoria Cross. The Australian War Memorial will publish a book about these.   The POWERS OF 10 IN HARRY DALZIEL’S LIFE:   100 V.C.s Harry’s 1,000th V.C. 100 years since Hamel occurs this year in Queensland at 11.10 a.m. OR 3.10 am in France.   John Monash wrote to his wife from Gallipoli in 1915:   “I am convinced that there are no troops in the world to equal the Australians in cool daring, courage and endurance.” In closing, there are two Documentaries all Australians should watch. They are:   Monash. The Forgotten Anzac.   Hamel the Turning Point WWI   Also, we would love you to enjoy some songs of the WWI era:   On the Songs on YouTube Page , there are songs of the World War One Era, which are still well known today. Harry liked to sing “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen”